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At our core we are an experienced, focused, and dedicated group of PvP fanatics. Guild RBGs mainly take place during weekday evenings after 7:00PM Central. Many members are also experienced raiders, so we will be adding progressive raiding in Warlords. We are seeking players to add to our current PvP teams, so please apply for membership if you're interested.

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RBG Teams

by Fizixx, 7 days ago

We're going to have two RBG teams that run during the week. One will be a Mon and Wed group. The other a Tue and Thurs group. Start times will be around 7:30 PM Central. I'd like members to post which days work best for them, so we can see how many people we have available for each group. Also, please list which toons are 550 and your current RBG rating(if you have one). Please message me if you have any questions.



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